Privately owned with a dedicated team of professionals and over 10 years’ experience in the Tourism industry and implementation of travel solutions in East Africa.


To be the leading and most innovative Travel and Tour Company for both local and international clientele by delivering world-class services to the diverse market that we serve.


We want to achieve superior long-term performance and growth in the travel and tours industry by offering superb world-class customer-oriented services for both our local clients and suppliers.


We lean on our Integrity, Dependability and customer focused in our business operation as a way to increase productivity.


Our goal is to concentrate our resources on the creation of new and intelligent ways of saving client’s TIME, EFFORT and MONEY.


We are international partners with Safari Bookings


When you are looking for reliable cost-effective corporate travel management Company, it helps to choose your company carefully. Corporate travel needs to be planned down to the ninth degree to ensure you can carry out your daily business duties without a hitch. But with so many travel companies around, it can be difficult to know who to select for your corporate travel management.

As a result, it helps to bear a few things in mind when finding the best corporate travel management company for you.

Better Deals – When you need to arrange business travel on a regular basis, you want to keep your travel costs as low as possible. Tusmo Travel will work hard to find you the best-negotiated deals that can’t be found on the high street.

Extensive Client List – Finding a company that you can entrust your important business travel plans to can be tricky. Tusmo Travel has an extensive client list including some high profile client names; ensuring you receive a reliable and confidential service.

Tailored Travel  – Every business has different travel requirements so it makes sense to select a tailored travel service. Tusmo Travel will create customized packages to suit your budget and requirements.

Top Technology – Taking care of your travel plans quickly and accurately requires effective communication and the right contacts. Tusmo Travel utilizes top technology in order to ensure the smooth running of your travel plans.

If you are looking for a corporate travel management solution for your business, you can reliable and effective travel company at Tusmo Travel. Our travel experts can take care of every aspect of your business trips to ensure they run smoothly even if your business plans change at the last minute.


Tusmo Travel Management have well over 4 years of experience in the industry and have the experience to facilitate the execution of the contract, have the resources to combine people and technology systems and the authority and accountability to deliver to its clients the required travel management services.


Our wealth of experience in handling Travel Management Services for most, Government Institutions, Corporate bodies, International Organizations, local organization NGO’s and individuals is a value added advantage that we hold in comparison to service providers in the industry.

Our client portfolio has over 100 clients, including:

  • National Oil
  • African Development Solutions
  • National Transport & Safety Authority
  • Heritage Institute Of Policy Studies
  • Anti Counterfeit Agency
  • Privatization Commission
  • Ministry of Sports, Culture & Heritage
  • Kenya Tourism Board
  • Ministry of Energy & Petroleum
  • Retirement Benefits Authority
  • Capital Markets Authority
  • Micro and Small Enterprises Authority MSEA
  • The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS)
  • The Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA)

About Tusmo Travel Tours

Tusmo travel and tours was established in August 2010, as an independent travel agency, we take pride in building excellent relationships with clients and suppliers.

The company specializes in cost-effective, customizable travel services to serve reliable, flexible and affordable businesses, leisure and corporate travel to destinations around the world. Tusmo travel and tours is a proud member of International Air Transport Association(IATA) and United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations (UFTAA).

At Tusmo travel and tours we have well experienced professionals who are passionate in their work and strictly adhere strictly to the code of conduct of the organization. The vision is to be the best travel company in the Kenya and in Africa with a committed and caring staff striving, at every stage, to provide customer satisfaction

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